15% More Deliveries Strategy that will work for any business

Posted by stevesapato on January 13, 2018

15% More Deliveries Strategy that will work for any business

It does not matter what you are selling, delivering, or offering it’s all about the marketing. And it does matter if you learn what you need to know.

Imagine it’s a cold winter day and you are just arriving home after a very long day at work. You are standing waiting for the elevator. Standing next to you with his hands full is one of those Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Caviar delivery guys with his earphones on, holding a heavenly smelling bag of sumptuous delight, called someone’s dinner.

The elevator opens, everyone gets on. As usual these days, no one speaks and you all get off on your floor now wondering what you might prepare for dinner and as usual, you get pizza or a bowl of cereal.

How different that could be. Let’s imagine the very same scenario except … the delivery person was hired for their personality and trained to make a great living.

The delivery person enters the elevator and says, ‘How is everyone tonight? What are you all having for dinner? Because I am delivering two meals. It starts off with a delicious Black Forest Mushroom soup, loaded with mushrooms, scallions, and garlic slow simmered all day to extract the shitake flavors. One entree is Maine Lobster Ravioli consisting of lobster tail and claw, creamed spinach, julienne red and yellow peppers, butter sauce and chives. The other is Black Pepper Fettucine made with house lamb sausage, red wine, cherry tomatoes, and pecorino.’

Can you imagine the comments?

‘Well, I would love to deliver a meal to you also. If you want my card I happen to have some right here with a link to the menu and our delivery service.’

Do you think there might be a couple people who would take his card? How about if they brought a roll with butter in a separate baggy for the doorkeeper/bellman/front desk person and laid a couple cards on them and said, ‘tell you what, on my next delivery, I’ll bring you a small dessert if you want?’

Do you think the front person would offer this delivery person as a source if someone asks?

Now you tell me, do you know anyone training their delivery people to do any of this? Or hiring delivery people who have a great personality knowing full well, that the delivery services burgeoning today are producing incomes to rival full-time professional waiters at upscale restaurants.

I am Steve Sapato and you pay me to teach you marketing that no one else is taking advantage of our techniques that others just aren’t considering.

As in my video, everything you have ever learned about marketing is WRONG

I am Steve Sapato with Profit Builder Coaching. steve@profitbuildercoaching.com



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