$50,000 more in your business?

Posted by stevesapato on July 14, 2018

How much would you pay to make $50,000 more in your business?

Do you understand this question? Let me further explain. If I network with you so I know you, like you, and trust you and you said to me, Steve, I have a $100 bill. Would you give me $20 for it? You would be leery. Even if you knew me! What’s the catch? None. If you give me $20 I will give you $100. Would you do it?

I know, a no-brainer, right? Of course, I would trade $20 for $100. But as a business coach, I make this type of offer every week. And people say no.

NOT TRUE! Tell me it’s not true! But it is.

I share that I can help you grow your business. Many of the businesses come with preconceived ideas. That most prominent idea is ‘I can’t afford a coach.’ But what if we traded that $1000 from you and gave you $5,000? What if it’s $12,000 for $60,000?

How much is success worth? What if you pay your coach $15,000 this year but you made $50,000 additional income from this day forward? Would it be worth it? How much is a $50,000 increase in your business every year for 10 years be worth? AM I right? $500,000? Half a million dollars? Would you pay $15,000 for half-a-million dollars? Of course you would. Me too!

So now you understand that in reality, you not only can afford a coach but you might even be an idiot not to have one!

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Success comes at one price…. will you pay it? Learning to ASK.

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