Are you thinking of becoming a coach? Starting your own coaching business?

Posted by stevesapato on October 24, 2018

Are you thinking of becoming a coach? Starting your own coaching business?

Before you do, sit down and counsel with one of us. We will help you decide if coaching is for you because …. SURPRISE! It is not for everyone.

While it is very lucrative it is not easy. While it is rewarding it is not simple. While it is fun, never boring and constantly changing it is always in your head and on your mind. How can I help my client? What techniques are working and why? Not working and why? And maybe most importantly, it changes how you look at every person and every business. Why aren’t they doing that? Why are they doing that? I can help them! I can train their staff! I can … make them a lot more money, help them create a lot better atmosphere, create great employees because they LIKE their managers!

And, while it is not like opening a store-front business, there are costs involved in starting ALL BUSINESSES and coaching is no different.

If you are in the wrong program you have to pay for, build, design and did I say pay for your own website! That could be as little as $800 but if you want one that actually works (if you are not a coach now then you better be hiring a STRATEGIC website design expert.) then you will have to work tirelessly with a web-builder (please note I said web-builder because most web-designers are not skilled in marketing or designing a website that creates leads), to create the perfect website that creates interest, return views and leads.

If you are in the wrong program you will be buying a ‘program’ to train you as a coach when what you really need is a coach to help you build a viable and working coaching business. I guess that means HIRE A COACH who also includes a complete coaching program in their monthly fee. Do you know such a creature? (hint- now you do)

There are some very big name celebrities offering coaching programs with emails, videos, and audio trainings that do not offer successful coaches, working with you, hands-on, to make sure you achieve success. And since you are starting as a coach isn’t your whole idea that people need personal coaches to help them succeed? Why would you be any different?

If you or anyone you know wants to become a business coach why not team up with a great coach, who includes a built-for-you program worth thousands of dollars, teams up with you as you open your business, mentors, and coaches you all along the way and has extensive business knowledge to help create an atmosphere of success.

When you know 50% of all small business fail within the first two years and 70% fail within five years why not stack the odds in your favor.

Great business requires great knowledge, action, persistence, and support. Call your coach today and find out if you really do want to become a highly paid business coach and enjoy a great lifestyle that you create.

I am Steve Sapato and I am the most famous unfamous speaker in America and damn fine business coach.

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