Is your Elevator Pitch 20th Century Material?

Posted by stevesapato on October 15, 2018
Do you ever train people on how to create a great Networking Elevator pitch?
I do and I always get them to role play.
Here is the key… how long does it take someone to be boring? Less than a minute.
How long is the average elevator pitch? Less than a minute? Critical thinking says these are related.
In a GROUP Setting –
Stand up and pair up. The person to your right will give you their elevator pitch. When I say STOP you stop. Then we will swap and when I say go the other person will give their elevator pitch.
When they are complete simply start a conversation. Write down four things you know about the person and their business
Now write down the perfect referral that they told you about in their elevator pitch. (NO ONE TELLS THIS SO MAKE THIS SHORT)
Now write down what YOUR perfect referral would be if this person were to send you the perfect referral?
Now write down what YOU THINK is their perfect referral?
Now compare.
OK, now, write down why they were giving you their elevator pitch? What was their motivation?
Now, write down why YOU would be giving someone YOUR elevator pitch?
When you go networking, why are you networking?
Your answer should be, to HELP OTHER BUSINESSES SOLVE THEIR GREATEST Challenges.
Now answer this. What is THEIR greatest challenge?
Now, you start your presentation.
1) If we talk about ourselves how will we ever find out what we can do for someone else?
2) If we tell them about our business how will we know anything about their business?
3) If I am selling widgets how will I find out if they NEED or WANT a widget?
4)If I want to find out if they need a widget should I come right out and ask them? HEY! Do you need what I am selling? DO you want to buy what I am selling?
5) When you go to Sam’s Club or Cosco and you see the Sales people standing in the isles calling people over do you go over or do you avoid them?
6) Even if you might need windows or siding when you go shopping for groceries or electronics do you want them to stop and try to sell you on their product?
7) Based upon what you have just learned what should you be doing with everyone you meet? (ASKING THEM QUESTIONS)
8)What kind of questions? Not direct, right?
9) Asking them why are you here? What brought you here? What are you looking for? What is your greatest challenge this month or this year?
10) Once you find out their greatest challenge can you get an appointment? Do you even want one?
What is the greatest SOURCE of business?
A personal referral. DO you have one person you know that when someone asks about buying or needing something like SIDING – A PLUMBER – an Accountant – a Handyman?
Is there one person you contact to find someone? WHY?
Because you know, like, and TRUST that persons judgment.
Therefore, if you go to these events and all you say at the end of QUESTION 10, if I can introduce you to someone who could help you solve that problem, would you like me to make that connection?
When they say YES, you are now becoming THEIR person to know, like and trust. And therefore when they need YOUR services, who will they call?
I am Steve Sapato – the most famous unfamous speaker in America and damn fine business coach. You can get my book on PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS NETWORKING at –
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15% More Deliveries Strategy that will work for any business

Posted by stevesapato on January 13, 2018

15% More Deliveries Strategy that will work for any business

It does not matter what you are selling, delivering, or offering it’s all about the marketing. And it does matter if you learn what you need to know.

Imagine it’s a cold winter day and you are just arriving home after a very long day at work. You are standing waiting for the elevator. Standing next to you with his hands full is one of those Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Caviar delivery guys with his earphones on, holding a heavenly smelling bag of sumptuous delight, called someone’s dinner.

The elevator opens, everyone gets on. As usual these days, no one speaks and you all get off on your floor now wondering what you might prepare for dinner and as usual, you get pizza or a bowl of cereal.

How different that could be. Let’s imagine the very same scenario except … the delivery person was hired for their personality and trained to make a great living.

The delivery person enters the elevator and says, ‘How is everyone tonight? What are you all having for dinner? Because I am delivering two meals. It starts off with a delicious Black Forest Mushroom soup, loaded with mushrooms, scallions, and garlic slow simmered all day to extract the shitake flavors. One entree is Maine Lobster Ravioli consisting of lobster tail and claw, creamed spinach, julienne red and yellow peppers, butter sauce and chives. The other is Black Pepper Fettucine made with house lamb sausage, red wine, cherry tomatoes, and pecorino.’

Can you imagine the comments?

‘Well, I would love to deliver a meal to you also. If you want my card I happen to have some right here with a link to the menu and our delivery service.’

Do you think there might be a couple people who would take his card? How about if they brought a roll with butter in a separate baggy for the doorkeeper/bellman/front desk person and laid a couple cards on them and said, ‘tell you what, on my next delivery, I’ll bring you a small dessert if you want?’

Do you think the front person would offer this delivery person as a source if someone asks?

Now you tell me, do you know anyone training their delivery people to do any of this? Or hiring delivery people who have a great personality knowing full well, that the delivery services burgeoning today are producing incomes to rival full-time professional waiters at upscale restaurants.

I am Steve Sapato and you pay me to teach you marketing that no one else is taking advantage of our techniques that others just aren’t considering.

As in my video, everything you have ever learned about marketing is WRONG

I am Steve Sapato with Profit Builder Coaching.



What is the secret to success? I call bullshit!

Posted by stevesapato on August 14, 2017

I read the books, I see the videos. Way too many gurus claiming they have the secret to your success. Claiming their method will make you rich!!!

How about you? You see them too? All of the gurus selling you – the Law-of-attraction,  or Funnels, or webinars. wait NO! It’s your attitude, it’s your belief, it’s your tenacity. Never give up and you will succeed!

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Yes, all of that can have an effect on your success. You do need to have all of the other things. You need a great attitude, great self-esteem, good business practices that put funnels into your marketing, webinars that bring people into your funnel, effective newsletters that offer information, advice, and personalization to your marketing but…

the only, single, primary method you need to learn is …

Proper Business Practices. I know, BORING! Right? But a great small business coach can help you learn the only things that will make you successful, create wealth and give you the time to enjoy the life that you really want.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars to buy a list of ‘supposed’ clients. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to learn how to build a funnel. Don’t spend all your money trying to learn how to do webinars.

When a great small business coach can help you learn all of this and so much more to help you succeed, for a fraction of what you would spend every month on one of these programs!

Each of these gurus offers you one solution. One solution does not cure the problems facing your business on an everyday basis. Therefore, I call bullshit on their supposed solution.

A great business coach opens your business to all of them.

A great business coach guarantees you the results you want. Not just that they will teach you funnels, train you on webinars, promise that your lists will grow. But they will guarantee your actual growth. Guarantee you the financial growth you need to succeed. Guarantee your financial goals will be met.

And if they are really good, they will charge you less than you expected and take a vested interest in your business so they make their money only when you make money. And isn’t that what you really want? Someone who wants your success as much as you do? Because their money is tied to your money?

That’s what makes a great business coach great. Working with you, helping you, and showing you what you have missed, to be successful.

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I believe in us! Will you?

These are 5 MUST KNOW questions for success in business

Posted by stevesapato on March 5, 2017

5 Questions you must know the answer to in order to succeed in business

Question One. How is your product/service offering different from your competitors? What is your MDP?

You know exactly what I am asking and most businesses large or small cannot explain what one or two things set them apart from their competition.

Everyone sells real estate. Why should I use you? Everyone gives massages. Everyone is an attorney so why should I choose you? Everyone sells supplements. Everyone… so, what sets you apart?

Don’t give me that crap about well I give better service. According to their website their service is the best. According their business card they are the best electrician. According to their marketing they have the best price on windows.

What is your Market Dominating Proposition so people clearly know why they would be foolish to select anyone but you?

I guarantee that I will help you make three times as much money as I charge for my services as a business coach. I guarantee it!

If you have to decide between business coaches and I am the ONLY ONE who will guarantee to make you money who will you choose?

And I do that because I work on a contingency. The more money I help you make the more I will make. How can you beat that? You can’t.

Don’t you wish your stock broker worked like that? How about your Weight-Loss coach? Or your Strength Coach? And they would say, I guarantee your physical fitness!

How about your networking group? What if they guaranteed you would bring in triple the amount of business in referrals as their dues? Would you join?

Question Two. How many visits does your website get and how many of those become a lead?

That is the $200 question… not $20,000 because for most people, we do not understand websites. We think they are there to generate leads and interest, but are they? Is yours?

If yes, what is the overall objective of your web site? How does your website compare to your major competitors’ sites? Do you analyze your website traffic?

Do you even have a clue HOW your website is NOT designed to bring in traffic and create leads? Yes, I said it IS NOT designed that way.

Question Three. What is the most profitable aspect of your business? Do you know the answer to this? Simple question… what brings in the most gross profit of everything you do or offer?

Question Four. What is your Average Gross Profit % per transaction? Do you know that answer? For all of your products or services? And if you do not know these answers, holy cow, maybe you should! This information alone has to be understood and acted upon. It’s VITAL to your success.

Finally, Question Five. How many referrals do you receive from your Joint Venture Partners? Now some people make the mistake of calling these your power partners. But power partners are not reliable.

If you currently have several power partners, how many of them are generating regular referrals?

To prove it, write down how many referrals your power partners give you ever week, month or year? Can you? Because THIS is where the rubber meets the road. This is where your bread & butter is. This is how you become WEALTHY! A power partner is NOT the same as a Joint Venture Partner. Not even close.

Want additional information on these topics and your success? Ask.. learn to ask to grow your business. Asking changes everything. If someone says no when you ask, then ask someone else.

I love answering questions. If you want to learn more about business success I offer FREE videos on my website. Want to learn more about being a successful business owner?

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Have a profitgasm week!

Steve Sapato

The most famous unfamous speaker in America and damn good business coach.

Small Business Riches

2 things you must have to be a Business Success Story.

Posted by stevesapato on March 3, 2017

2 things you must have to be a business success story.

What makes a business successful? Wow! This could be a book. But I think there are thousands of books out already. What you want to know from me is… Steve, how can I make my business more successful? Right?

Each business has its own needs. Each owner their own weaknesses. Overcoming those needs and weaknesses will lead you to greater success. This is a BONUS thought for your success. You NEED a business coach. Not want necessarily but you even if you don’t think you do, believe me when I say, you need a business coach. That was my 3rd thing you must have to be a success. Because most businesses don’t even know why everything you have ever learned about marketing is wrong and what to do about it.

The number one thing you need is more leads. AND the number two thing you need to be successful is more conversions.

Am I right?

If you have 100 leads every month but only close 2 of them (a 2 % closing ratio) you don’t need more leads you need to convert more of those leads into your funnel. But if you receive 6 leads every month and convert two of them (a 30% closing ratio which might be good for your industry) then you probably need more leads.

Do you know how to get more leads? Do you know what percentage of your current leads come from what sources? Do you know there are at 4 sources that create 80% of your leads?

Does your website translate into leads? That is what we expect our websites to do, right? People go to our websites and PRESTO, they call the phone number on the screen or they enter their info in our capture email section.

Can you tell me how many leads you get from your website this month? Because most businesses can’t answer that question. Can you tell me how many people visit your website every month? Again, 97% of all businesses can’t answer that.

What if you are only converting 2% of your visitors this month. Would you like to convert 5%? 20%? Do you have any visitors? How do you know?

What you don’t know can kill your business. Maybe it is time you learned more about your own business. Take my FREE Business Assessment and ask about how I can help you find AT LEAST $10,000 in missed revenues and income in a 45 minute phone call. (OK, it’s not FREE because I will require a sign-off that I can use your business as an example for my newest book.)

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