Is your Elevator Pitch 20th Century Material?

Posted by stevesapato on October 15, 2018
Do you ever train people on how to create a great Networking Elevator pitch?
I do and I always get them to role play.
Here is the key… how long does it take someone to be boring? Less than a minute.
How long is the average elevator pitch? Less than a minute? Critical thinking says these are related.
In a GROUP Setting –
Stand up and pair up. The person to your right will give you their elevator pitch. When I say STOP you stop. Then we will swap and when I say go the other person will give their elevator pitch.
When they are complete simply start a conversation. Write down four things you know about the person and their business
Now write down the perfect referral that they told you about in their elevator pitch. (NO ONE TELLS THIS SO MAKE THIS SHORT)
Now write down what YOUR perfect referral would be if this person were to send you the perfect referral?
Now write down what YOU THINK is their perfect referral?
Now compare.
OK, now, write down why they were giving you their elevator pitch? What was their motivation?
Now, write down why YOU would be giving someone YOUR elevator pitch?
When you go networking, why are you networking?
Your answer should be, to HELP OTHER BUSINESSES SOLVE THEIR GREATEST Challenges.
Now answer this. What is THEIR greatest challenge?
Now, you start your presentation.
1) If we talk about ourselves how will we ever find out what we can do for someone else?
2) If we tell them about our business how will we know anything about their business?
3) If I am selling widgets how will I find out if they NEED or WANT a widget?
4)If I want to find out if they need a widget should I come right out and ask them? HEY! Do you need what I am selling? DO you want to buy what I am selling?
5) When you go to Sam’s Club or Cosco and you see the Sales people standing in the isles calling people over do you go over or do you avoid them?
6) Even if you might need windows or siding when you go shopping for groceries or electronics do you want them to stop and try to sell you on their product?
7) Based upon what you have just learned what should you be doing with everyone you meet? (ASKING THEM QUESTIONS)
8)What kind of questions? Not direct, right?
9) Asking them why are you here? What brought you here? What are you looking for? What is your greatest challenge this month or this year?
10) Once you find out their greatest challenge can you get an appointment? Do you even want one?
What is the greatest SOURCE of business?
A personal referral. DO you have one person you know that when someone asks about buying or needing something like SIDING – A PLUMBER – an Accountant – a Handyman?
Is there one person you contact to find someone? WHY?
Because you know, like, and TRUST that persons judgment.
Therefore, if you go to these events and all you say at the end of QUESTION 10, if I can introduce you to someone who could help you solve that problem, would you like me to make that connection?
When they say YES, you are now becoming THEIR person to know, like and trust. And therefore when they need YOUR services, who will they call?
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