One thing you can do to involve your audience immediately

Posted by stevesapato on May 1, 2017

What happens if you don’t involve your audience immediately?

Here is how you involve your audience …


What happens if you don’t involve your audience immediately? You guessed it, you lose them! If you understand this then what do you have to do to involve them immediately?

Simple! Get their attention! But how?

There are several methods to getting their attention but first, what is YOUR INTENTION? Yes, why do you want their attention and … for how long?

Is it for a speech? An elevator speech? A keynote speech? A huge long lesson? Each of these requires a different strategy. What is it you are wanting to accomplish?

Let us presume that it is for the purpose of Professional Business Networking. Then your job is to hold their attention for under 2 minutes. TWO? Everyone says an elevator speech is 30 seconds! Yes, but you see, if all I am doing is telling you about me and my business then holding your attention for 30 seconds can seem like a lifetime, to me, and especially to you! Try it.

Try listening to someone drone on about their business for 30 seconds… get out your stop watch and time them. UGH! It is a lifetime in that 30 seconds. Because if you are using old fashioned twentieth century training then you will be trying to tell prospects about you and your business.

But how do you know if they even are prospects?

How about instead, you ask about them. Ask about their business? Ask about their success and struggle?

Want to LEARN the perfect questions to not only keep your person interested and involved but how to qualify them at the same time?

Drop me a note… QL Training 101 is coming soon! And it’s $5. $5 to learn how you can prospect, network, qualify and get an appointment in under 2 minutes?   Bet I can show you how… well, it’s not a bet… I can. You could lose $10 if you bet me or just pay $5 to learn all about it in my next LIVE webinar.  I can send you info today.

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