What is the secret to success? I call bullshit!

Posted by stevesapato on August 14, 2017

I read the books, I see the videos. Way too many gurus claiming they have the secret to your success. Claiming their method will make you rich!!!

How about you? You see them too? All of the gurus selling you – the Law-of-attraction,  or Funnels, or webinars. wait NO! It’s your attitude, it’s your belief, it’s your tenacity. Never give up and you will succeed!

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Yes, all of that can have an effect on your success. You do need to have all of the other things. You need a great attitude, great self-esteem, good business practices that put funnels into your marketing, webinars that bring people into your funnel, effective newsletters that offer information, advice, and personalization to your marketing but…

the only, single, primary method you need to learn is …

Proper Business Practices. I know, BORING! Right? But a great small business coach can help you learn the only things that will make you successful, create wealth and give you the time to enjoy the life that you really want.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars to buy a list of ‘supposed’ clients. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to learn how to build a funnel. Don’t spend all your money trying to learn how to do webinars.

When a great small business coach can help you learn all of this and so much more to help you succeed, for a fraction of what you would spend every month on one of these programs!

Each of these gurus offers you one solution. One solution does not cure the problems facing your business on an everyday basis. Therefore, I call bullshit on their supposed solution.

A great business coach opens your business to all of them.

A great business coach guarantees you the results you want. Not just that they will teach you funnels, train you on webinars, promise that your lists will grow. But they will guarantee your actual growth. Guarantee you the financial growth you need to succeed. Guarantee your financial goals will be met.

And if they are really good, they will charge you less than you expected and take a vested interest in your business so they make their money only when you make money. And isn’t that what you really want? Someone who wants your success as much as you do? Because their money is tied to your money?

That’s what makes a great business coach great. Working with you, helping you, and showing you what you have missed, to be successful.

I am Steve Sapato and I am that business coach. Check out a few free videos at www.profitbuildercoaching.com and www.profitbuildercoaching.com/wrong

Of if you are in a hurry to succeed you can simply call me 563-370-4938 or write to steve@profitbuildercoaching.com for a free business analysis and a free consultation where I guarantee I can show you ways to add an additional $10,000-$50,000 into your cash flow without spending another dollar. Let’s get you started making the money you always wanted.

I believe in us! Will you?

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