Why do some business fail while others succeed?

Posted by stevesapato on November 4, 2018

Why do some fail while others succeed? As you have already been informed there are many reasons but the biggest reason is knowledge. And by that, I mean BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE which involves everything others have posted here combined with real business knowledge. See my website http://www.starthereforesuccess.com and learn from the free training I offer.

The number one reason is they do not have a mentor or coach who can help them navigate things you will need as they arise. In America, we offer an SBA (small business administration) who will loan you most of the startup money you will need. They not only encourage but highly favor loaning money to a startup when they have included a section for a Business Coach because an experienced and knowledgeable business coach 10x your opportunity for success. Instead of a 50% failure rate within 5 years and 80% in ten years, a business coach reverses that trend and your success rate is in the 70% ratio after ten years. Please note the experienced and knowledgeable and not just anyone who calls themselves or bought their business coaching certificate.

Why is that? Those coaches have lived and learned and can help you avoid many of the mistakes they have made.

I believe my organization is the only business service offering business education https://bit.ly/2xTk5Qs that trains you on every aspect of operating and running a small business.

I can teach you in areas others only wish they knew simply because along the way I had to learn or die. These lessons do not come easily. Yes, when you are starting up there is so much to learn and know but after startup, there is still so much to learn and know.

Go to my website now and get more lessons or type ‘more’ to 66866 on your cell phone.

If you want to know why some fail while others succeed? I hope I have given you some insights.

Steve Sapato – Profit Builder Coaching dot com

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