Our clients call her the fixer; Sandra has been immersed in the world of business since she was a little girl. Working in the family business focused on product quality, operations, and customer service, she learned the value of leadership and an uncompromising work ethic.

Over the years, Sandra’s focus on entrepreneurship led to the ownership and partnership of many businesses. 

In 2000, Sandra charted a new path to success as a financial advisor, business advisor, and investment broker. At Price & Associates, Sandra’s business background and holistic approach to economic well-being were the catalysts to developing the L.I.V.E. Success Strategy. Using this strategy, Sandra helped her clients identify their goals and create strategic plans and resources to achieve them. The L.I.V.E. Success Strategy earned Sandra not only the respect of both clients and colleagues but made her an award-winning advisor.

In 2013 Sandra extended her career path as a business coach and consultant, sharing her wisdom, unique experiences in business development, education, knowledge, and humor with her clients in the small business community to support her mission to redefine the standard of how business is done. 

Today, Sandra continues her mission, encompassing over 20 years of experience in leadership, business development, operations, and finance. Sandra has incorporated her studies of Lean Six Sigma methodologies as a Master Black Belt, along with project management, the Profit Accelerator software and the Baldridge Framework for Operational Excellence to help her clients double their bottom line in six months or less, with guaranteed results in virtually any business.

“Over the years I’ve seen the stress of a failing business distroy marriages, families, lives. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a clear focus, strategic implementation and simple oversight, a well run business can change your life. It can give you the financial freedom to live your life on your terms. I not saying it’s easy – because sometimes it’s not. I’m saying when it’s done right, it’s worth it.”

Sandra’s achievements include, The President’s Award for Financial Excellence, Top 100 Advisors (7 years), Small Business of the Year nominee and Million Dollar Roundtable (10 years), President and CEO, Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce, Certified Master Mind Facilitator, and podcaster.

In her free time, you’ll find Sandra outdoors. She is an avid gardener, enjoys boating, hiking, entertaining, and travel with family and friends.